Introducing ComeLook@:

ComeLook@ will turn your iPhone into a mobile webcam!

I know you heard that before but ComeLook@ is a little different:
It's the first mobile webcam app for iphone that comes bundled with a personal URL!
Yes, you will have a personal ComeLook@-Website displaying your uploaded pictures.

ComeLook@ The Teaser

Unlike all the other apps:
- You don't need to have any account on twitter, facebook, etc.
- You don't need to already have a website running on your own webspace.
- You don't need to already have a ftp server running for upload.

It has preconfigured, built-in webspace for you!!!
Ready-to-use! - No configuration needed!

Of course, if you do have a twitter, facebook, etc. account
you can easily share your personal url with your friends too.

For example:

The first time you start the app you can enter your desired foldername
for the url of your personal ComeLook@-Website displaying your pictures.
The webspace will be configured instantly and you will have a short and simple url
for your mobile iphone webcam pictures like

Furthermore you can send mails directly from within the app
telling your friends that you have uploaded a new picture.

The nice and clean interface lets you easily set the picture size and resolution for upload.

Want to upload bigger pictures ?
1024x768 or even 1280x1024 images ?
Then check out ComeLook@ Pro!
It will also use your personal folder and has some more features…